Promotion list

Use this template to display a list of promotion items grouped by their dropdown option.

  • Page setup
    • Select template "Promo Page."
    • Select Custom page field promoPage.
    • Paste this JSON array into the page field and edit the values to set options:
      Configuration settings
      id Promo group ID. Required.
      config Promo group config, pipe delimited. Use 'page_id' for per-page items. Optional.
      columns 2, 3, or 4. Default/unset is 1, a list. Optional.
      singlePromoview True or false. False(default) will enable the promotion's link field. Optional.
      showExcerpt True or false. True is default. Optional.
      showDescription True or false. True is default. Optional.
  • Promo group setup
    Available fields
    Title Promo title. Will turn into a link if link field is used or single promo view is set.
    Link External link. Do not set if using individual promo view.
    Excerpt Single line of unformatted text, like a job title.
    Description Formattable text. Main body content for single promo view.
    Filename 600x450px, or minimum width 600px any height.
    Option If options are set, promos will be grouped by their option automatically. Any items without an option are grouped together at the bottom.
Placeholder image 1

Roma Bahringer

Precision Pattern and Die Caster

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Placeholder image 2

Lorenza Schimmel

Automotive Specialty Technician

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Placeholder image 3

Kaitlin Barrows

School Social Worker

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Placeholder image 4

Leilani Hills II

Installation and Repair Technician

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Placeholder image 5

Kari Gislason


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Placeholder image 6

Wilber Koelpin

Anthropology Teacher

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Placeholder image 7

Frank Senger IV

Ceiling Tile Installer

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Placeholder image 8

Gerry Renner

Gaming Service Worker

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Placeholder image 9

Dr. Terrence Smith

Answering Service

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Placeholder image 10

Alford Wiza

Answering Service

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Placeholder image 11

Isadore Durgan II

Counseling Psychologist

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Placeholder image 12

Raleigh VonRueden

Video Editor

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